Friday, August 04, 2006

Top Notch Recruiting

VP level Product Management

Hi (Former VP of Product Management at Death Sxpiraling Company),

The serial entrepreneur founder of a leading identity management software company is looking to bring on board a VP level product manager in the SF Bay area. He sold his last company for $23 million in cash.

Is there a number where I can reach you for a brief chat?

All the best


John McAughtry
President & CEO
Silverado Ventures Inc
415 845 8152

Monday, July 31, 2006

We have a patent on replacing the letter in a name with x.

"We have a patent on replacing the letter in a name with x, but still pronouncing it the same way."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Whoa, now!

Screwface know-a who fi frighten!
Screwface know-a who fi frighten!
Like I told, they say, "Coward, man".
Gonna keep some bones
And all violent man gonna weep and moan.
He that exalted him say, "Yeah!"
Shall be obeyed.

Remember Jah - Jah children deh!
Don't dread no pain.
Fear do we go now
To the rivers of ungodly waters, we'll fear no foe
(fear no foe, fear no foe).
Wherever I go,
Not even the pestilence
That crawl at I'n'I
Can't do - wo-wo-wo - me no wrong (just can't do me no wrong).
Oh, now!
I tell you what red is!
I tell you what I know:
(Screwface know-a who fi frighten!)
Screwface know-a who fi frighten!
Screwface know-a who fi frighten! Wo, now!
(Screwface know-a who fi frighten!) Screwface will frighten
(Screwface know-a who fi frighten!) Long time gone, y'all!
(Screwface know-a who fi frighten!) Screwface will frighten
Wo, yeah! Now!
(Screwface know-a who fi frighten!)

[ Instrumental ending . . . fadeout.]

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Canadian Heritage Information Network

"He looks like the love child of Larry Ellison and Richard Branson."

Thursday, June 01, 2006

CEO Secrets

Local tech genius sez:

“Entrepreneurs are not all that sensitive to what other people think. I’ll think about how what I do may impact somebody else but in general, if they don’t like it, they don’t like it. Also, make sure you call your most expensive and competent employees idiots, that's key. Next, spend all your money on cars and rocket ships. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important part . . . no whiteboards! I can't stress that point enough - geniuses write on glass, not whiteboards."

Monday, April 17, 2006


"When workers began taking off the black plywood panels from the Fifth Avenue (NYC) store glass cube entrance last week, it seemed that construction was nearly finished. But a closer look at the activity shows the workers are swapping out the sophisticated titanium hardware between the glass panels, apparently after objections (Mr. Jobs) they were too conspicuous, and interrupted the esthetic of the piece. Last-minute artistic changes to store designs have been made before (mini-stores floors), at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars." (link)

Please note: This kind of behavior is only acceptable if you are the CEO of a profitable company. It is most certainly not acceptable behavior for pretend CEOs of lifestyle companies.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

entrepreneur. engineer. connector.

"Every night there's a Mashup get together, or a TechCrunch party, or it's Tag Tuesday, or SuperHappyDevHouse or SXSW or this conference or that conference. And this stuff is fun. It's a real community. But all of these things are great by themselves, but terrible in combination. I see some entrepreneurs in photos from *every single event*. Who's talking to the users, writing the code, tweaking and retweaking the UI? It ain't the Chief Party Officer."

-- Caterina Fake